A Bit Of French


We Try To Make Every Day Special

We believe in quality and variety. That's why every day we create a range of special fillings containing some truly wonderful ingredients.

We only insist on two things: it must be different, and it must be delicious. This isn't an exhaustive list (there have been far too many), but it'll give you a general idea of the delights you'll find on our vans each day.

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Roasted Gnocchi with Tuna, Mixed Leaves and Salt And Vinegar Seasoning

Our version of Fish & Chips. A must try.

Sushi Fusion

Tuna and Smoked Salmon arranged with shredded Pickled Ginger and Wasabi



Habanero Chicken Fajita with a Garlic And Herb Dressing

Chicken marinated in one of the world's hottest chillis, accompanied by a cooling Garlic and Herb dressing