A Bit Of French


Our New Website is Live!

Hope you all like the new website!

    • Finally, we have a menu!
    • We have a section dedicated to our specials. They've been selling out every day, so take a look at what we've been doing.
    • Direct-To-You ordering is now live for everyone, so if you'd like to order something for lunch, go here
    • We've revised our Corporate/Business lunch menu. It's far more modular, and can be totally tailored to suit your needs. There are some fantastic options now available, right here
    • We've dedicated a whole page to some of our wonderful suppliers, so if you want to see where our Naga Chillies actually come from, check it out. We'll be adding more about our suppliers in the coming weeks.
    • If you're not yet following us on Twitter, you can do so here. We tweet our list of specials out every day, along with special offer codes for our followers.

    I think you'll all agree, the place looks a whole lot smarter. Hope to see you all here more often!

    Au revoir for now